Saturday, July 24, 2010


Blank stares
Mind filled
Lips sealed
& her hopes are killed

A path lies
Before her blind eyes
A step taken forward
But three back

& the struggle begins....

Her path is lost
Love's the cost

Time past
Still this pain last
No progress made

How weak of her...

Is she to wait for time to heal??

"You're gone
& she's done
Though she misses you"

Friday, July 23, 2010

25 Random Facts (really random)

1. I like to pick out pink Skittles and eat those only and give the rest of the bag to someone else.

2. I play soccer like a dude. (grandma said so)

3.I forget things all the time.

4.I've played soccer since the 6th grade.

5.I bruise easily.

6.I like pink... sometimes- HINT HINT: sometimes. But i like purple more.

7. I thought it was kind of cool how the Easter Bunny brought me a purple egg last Easter. ;)

8.Not talented =/

9.I miss my mom.
10. Sometimes i don't want to fall asleep because I'm afraid of what i could dream of.

11. During my sleep, i blurt out things i don't talk about when I'm awake.

12.I countdown til my 18th birthday.

13.I'll be turning 17 in January 9 (& one more year to go!)

14. I miss my itouch.

15.I cry and get some nasty headaches when i get mad.

16. I really need a job!

17.I like to paint my fingernails with clear nail polish.

18.I fall asleep during math class and have always gotten away with it.

19. Family?? No way! I don't believe in that word...

20.I love school!

21."Little caterpillar waiting to turn into a butterfly and fly away"

22.I have an annoying brother i had no idea existed.

23. I tend to hold grudges on people that have done ugly things to me.

24. Believe it or not, I really don't hate any one right now.

25.I like it when ppl hug me and talk sweet to me... (awkward)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Me

Dear Me,

I'm sorry HEART.
I just wanted to say thank you for never breaking apart. Maybe a little scratch here and there and even a few small cracks, but I've always given you the time you need to heal.
One thing i don't like about you is, every time i follow you, i get hurt.
Why do you lead me the wrong path?? I know that people say "listen to your heart", but I'm just not going to listen to you anymore.
Dude, you're a horrible adviser....(ha ha). You just wouldn't make it as a psychologist...

I'm sorry EYES for all the times I've cried until you ran out of tears.
But, i want to thank you for allowing me to see the good things in life.
& even though a lot of them didn't stay, i think I've learned a little bit of everything.

I'm sorry MIND of mine.
You tend to always be giving me the right signals for making decisions, but i always end up doing the exact opposite (All because i want to listen to Mr. Heart...).
I thank you for storing all the good memories i had in the past. I'll carry them forever.
However, I think you need to work a little more on your storage capacity. Sometimes, i can't remember what I've done with things i say I'll put in a "safe" place (sure... that place ends up being so safe that not even I know where that place is...)

I'm sorry LIPS of mine for kissing someone i didn't love.
I also want to thank you for giving me the chance to speak up and let my thoughts run out of my mouth, even though not all of them have been the best things to say....
Thank you for staying sealed when i don't have anything nice to say.

Thank you for everything.
& i'm sorry for everything too.