Monday, May 17, 2010


I don't know how to start this first blog. I can say that i am in another country, and that it scares me beacause everyone knows that third world countries are dangerous.
Besides that, i've come to find out that i have an extensively large family. Not even counting the extended family i have over at the US.

Dad and grandma say i'm not done meeting all of them. So far, i can't count the total number of grandparents i have with both hands. Yes, that is a lot! I don't even know how i come to be realted as a grandchild with all of these people. Cousins... dude, i'm not even gonna go there.
Why does Guatemala scare me?
Well, haven't been here in such a long time. I don't remember most people- people that claim to know me. My hometown changed a lot. My street isn't the same anymore. When i left, about six years ago, my street wasn't paved. Now, it is and it even seems as if it had shrunk (must be because i've gotten taller). I have gotten lost i don't know how many times and have had to walk around looking for a public phone to call someone. Good thing has been that i've had money on me to call and that i always carry a phone number with me.
I've almost gotten run over by crazy drivers. I constantly forget that i am not in the US anymore when i cross the streets. US drivers respect pedestrians more than drivers do here. A car won't stop just because you're crossing the street. So, now i have to keep on reminding myself to really look both ways before i cross the street.

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