Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stop Saying That!!!!!

I guess i love my dad.... but not today.

I really hate it when he starts talking trash about Mormons (i am one. Hello?!?!?!)
Eversince i came back to Guatemala, about a month ago, i haven't gone to church for running around trying to catch up on meeting his side of the family (which i've been told i'm not quite done doing). So, finally, i was able to go today after being told so many times by mom to go.

Church was really nice. I loved it!!!

During lunch, he started talking about Mormons.
He rudely said " So tell me, what's the deal with Mormons and their whole crap about not drinking coffey but drinking soda. Soda should be a lot worse...."
Then he endlessly started talking about how he thinks that the members are members only because the church gives them econimic help and all of "these things".
"it's only based on interest on material things and money that all of you people are memebers", he said again.

I wanted to get up from the table and leave.
I felt so mad.

I'm glad to not have answered his questions and comments at that moment. Probably whatever i would've said wouldn't have been the best.

Though i was mad the whole time we were at the table and felt like the food tasted like absolutely nothing, the bright side of the situation was to realize that...

I'm learning self-control!
I feel proud.
It was really hard though.

Keep it up some more! :)

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