Friday, July 23, 2010

25 Random Facts (really random)

1. I like to pick out pink Skittles and eat those only and give the rest of the bag to someone else.

2. I play soccer like a dude. (grandma said so)

3.I forget things all the time.

4.I've played soccer since the 6th grade.

5.I bruise easily.

6.I like pink... sometimes- HINT HINT: sometimes. But i like purple more.

7. I thought it was kind of cool how the Easter Bunny brought me a purple egg last Easter. ;)

8.Not talented =/

9.I miss my mom.
10. Sometimes i don't want to fall asleep because I'm afraid of what i could dream of.

11. During my sleep, i blurt out things i don't talk about when I'm awake.

12.I countdown til my 18th birthday.

13.I'll be turning 17 in January 9 (& one more year to go!)

14. I miss my itouch.

15.I cry and get some nasty headaches when i get mad.

16. I really need a job!

17.I like to paint my fingernails with clear nail polish.

18.I fall asleep during math class and have always gotten away with it.

19. Family?? No way! I don't believe in that word...

20.I love school!

21."Little caterpillar waiting to turn into a butterfly and fly away"

22.I have an annoying brother i had no idea existed.

23. I tend to hold grudges on people that have done ugly things to me.

24. Believe it or not, I really don't hate any one right now.

25.I like it when ppl hug me and talk sweet to me... (awkward)

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